Customize your electric bicycle and take it to the next level.

Biwbik electric bike accessories Biwbik electric bike accessories 2
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Accelerator handle

40.00 €
Accelerator device for electric bicycles Biwbik Improve the comfort of your electric bike. Installation included if purchased with the bike. The installation and use of the accelerator will be solely under the responsibility of the customer.
Biwbik electric bike battery Biwbik electric bike battery 2
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Extra Biwbik battery

279.00 €
More autonomy for your Biwbik electric bike with your extra battery. Enjoy the longest journeys or take it with you to avoid waiting for cargo. NOTE for Book, Sunray and Ghent models Select (Yes or No) on the Charge Indicator based on your current model. They are incompatible battery types, so if you select Yes to the Charge Indicator and your current...
Biwbik electric battery charger.
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Battery charger accessory

45.00 €
Biwbik electric bike battery charger. Accessory for our electric bicycle, Biwbik battery charger. Lithium Ion AC100V-240V-1.8ª
Traveler Kit. Biwbik accessory for Traveler models.
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Kit Traveller

49.00 €
Extra accessory kit for your Traveler electric bikes. Includes luggage rack and 2 fenders to give your electric bike the best style. Made of steel. Only for Traveler models (white, black and platinum)
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