2 years for bicycles

1 year for accessories (batteries, chargers, etc ...)

BIWBIK guarantees its products for two years from the date of purchase. Any defect in the materials and / or derived from the manufacturing process of the device is covered by our warranty, including replacement, repair, or exchange of the product and / or components at no charge to the customer, labor and labor are included. transportation costs derived from the fulfillment of this guarantee.

BIWBIK, in compliance with the Law of Guarantees, undertakes to replace the same, or to deliver the repaired product, or within a maximum time of 30 business days from the entry of the damaged product into our facilities. If there is a delay in the service caused by force majeure, BIWBIK disclaims any liability. To make this guarantee effective, the original purchase invoice of the product is required.


When the original data of the invoice show signs of having been deliberately altered.

When the defects of the article and / or malfunction are derived from an incorrect use of the same, ignoring the attached instructions.

When the article shows clear signs of use that exceeds its dimensions, as well as obvious abuse such as blows, or breakages caused by liquids or corrosive products, as well as any other anomaly attributable to the consumer.

When the product has been disassembled, modified or repaired by persons not authorized by BIWBIK.

When derived from the normal use of the article, some of its parts show wear and tear typical of its use.

No other written or verbal guarantee other than the one indicated here will be honored by BIWBIK.

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