5 Keys to choosing your electric bike

Surely you are already clear that buying an electric bicycle is a good decision. With it you have an ecological, healthy, comfortable and fun way to move or simply enjoy. And also, unlike a conventional bicycle, you have that little help that allows you to make your journeys in a simpler way and with less effort.

And we do not say it. In the last year, the sale of electric bicycles in Europe has increased by more than 80%.

From Biwbik we want to help you choose the electric bike that best suits your tastes and needs. To do this, we suggest you answer the following 5 questions:

1. What type of electric bike do I choose?

There are currently three basic lines in the manufacture of electric bicycles.

 The walkways are the most common, ideal for any environment, and with a suitable functionality for various terrains. If we have space problems, we can opt for a folding electric bike model. And finally, if our idea is to ride in fields or on rougher roads, the electric mountain bike is the best choice.

2. Am I going to make long trips or in a very continuous way?

Here it is important to consider the capacity of the battery. A 36V and 8A battery will allow us to have an autonomy of more than 35Km. Of course, this route will vary depending on the weight, the inclination of the route and other factors.

3. Am I going to drive on sloping terrain or a not smooth surface?

The choice of the engine is essential in this case. A standard power should be around 250W., And if possible this should be located on the rear wheel for better traction and energy efficiency.

4. What characteristics should my electric bicycle have?

We must make sure that our bike is of sufficient quality to enjoy it from day one and for a long time. Our recommendation: steel frame for greater stability and resistance, European Community approved assisted pedaling, quality gearbox with 6 speeds, 26 "wheel with double wall rim, drum or disc brakes, suspension and the necessary accessories for maximum comfort in use (luggage rack, mudguards, chain guard, electric grip ...).

5. What legal aspects do I have to take into account?

In Europe, bicycles are considered, with exclusive access to the areas determined for them, and tax-free, to those vehicles whose engine does not exceed 250W. and is effective only as long as the driver is pedaling.

Have you already chosen your perfect electric bike? At Biwbik we offer you different models of bicycles with the highest quality, at an unbeatable price.

We will be happy to help you choose.

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