10 ways to keep your bike clean after using it

These are the 10 best ways to keep our bike clean:

1. If our electric bike has been in contact with water or mud, it is advisable not to wait too long when cleaning it since mud and water can compact on the nooks and crank of the electrical system and damage it. If our electric bike is an MTB type, it is advisable to clean it immediately after the outings, since its main use is in water, sand and mud terrain. If our electric bicycle is for a walk or is foldable and we have circulated with it in the rain or through areas of water such as puddles, we will have to dry and clean all its electrical components once we finish using it. On the contrary, if we have used it on a sunny day, wiping it with a clean and dry cloth will be enough to remove the dust it has obtained.

2. To start cleaning our electric bicycle deeply, we must first remove the battery before starting to clean.

3. It is not recommended to use pressurized water under any circumstances. With a damp sponge to clean the electric bike in its entirety and a toothbrush for the small holes in which we do not reach with the cloth, it will be enough.

4. Clean electronic parts and parts carefully. If we rub carelessly, we may have problems when using our electric bicycle due to possible breakage.

5. We will check all the connections and we will check that they are not damp or there are no drops of water, and as a precaution we will pass a clean and dry cloth to make sure. Gently wipe the battery with a cloth to remove any dirt and avoid potential electrical problems.

6. Once we have the battery clean, before placing it, we will ensure that the contact points are perfectly dry. In addition, to avoid corrosion we can put a layer of petroleum jelly or grease for battery terminals.

7. Once we place the battery, we will check the wiring so that it is not loose and we will adjust it to the frame.

8. It is very important not to use the battery if the contact points are still wet. If they are still wet, we will clean them with a clean, dry cloth.

9. We will check if there are gaps or holes where water or dirt can enter the controller box and we will clean them.

10. To finish and leave our electric bicycle in perfect condition, we will go on to review the mechanical systems, clean the chain well and grease all the components that need it such as the sprockets, axles, etc.

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